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Monographic workshop: The Truffle Kitchen

Monday, February 22

At 18:30

CCVic El Montseny

Price : € 15 per person

Previous registration in : www.centrescivics.vic.cat

Recipes to make at home

The truffle is one of the most precious mushrooms for centuries, and its aroma is irresistible.

The main use is culinary, since the aroma and flavor are highly appreciated in southern European cuisine, and in particular in Occitan, Italian and Spanish cuisine. It is used mainly as a condiment, directly from the cooked product, for example beaten eggs in an omelette, in a black pudding or in a roast chicken, or it is also used to perfume olive oil, for example, with which it can be seasoned or cook dishes that will be flavored with its flavor ..

Osona is a land of truffles, which is why Osona Cocina has been working for years to promote this black diamond, a seasonal product that we must lose fear of. The cooks will explain to you how we can cook with truffle at home and what are the best recipes to enhance the aroma and flavor. The truffle is to be enjoyed!

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